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Be Accountable

Last updated on December 17, 2022



The UW’s approach to privacy is grounded in the UW’s Privacy Principles. Everyone — from the leaders who make decisions about the use of personal data to the individuals who work with the data — has a role to play to ensure that we meet our legal compliance and ethical obligations. To be accountable means that we are responsible for taking ownership of the privacy practices that relate to our area of job responsibility.

Where to start

Step 1: Get familiar with relevant policies

Familiarize yourself with the UW’s privacy-related policies so that you understand the UW’s expectations for working with personal data. Our Policies page includes general policies that everyone should read and specialized policies, standards, and guidance for individuals working with specific types of personal data or engaging in specific types of activities.

Step 2: Read and complete the UW Access and Use Agreement

Carefully read UW’s Access and Use Agreement for UW Data and Information Systems to learn about your responsibilities related to UW systems and data. If you do not understand your responsibilities after reading the document and reviewing the linked resources, please speak with your supervisor for clarification before accepting the agreement.

Step 3: Learn about Privacy Practices and apply them where appropriate

Review the Take Action page and/or attend a Privacy Practices training to learn about methods for protecting personal data. Identify ways you interact with personal data in your area of work and take action by implementing new or enhancing existing privacy practices. Contact the Privacy Office with questions.

TrustArc Privacy Management Platform

The TrustArc Privacy Management Platform is a tool for helping the UW establish a privacy and data governance accountability framework. Such information creates a universal understanding of data and our shared responsibility for managing it for everyone’s benefit. Learn more about TrustArc and request access.