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Last updated on September 20, 2023

For the privacy and well-being of the people UW serves



The privacy practices on this page are essential for maintaining the trust and supporting the well-being of the individuals whose data the UW uses to fulfill its academic, research, and health-care missions. [1]

Combined, these privacy practices help UW units put privacy into action by:

  • Ensuring individuals’ personal data are collected, used, and shared in appropriate ways.
  • Empowering University personnel to get value from data while managing the risk of harm to individuals.
  • Upholding UW Privacy Principles and ethical responsibilities.

Proactive privacy practices

Proactive privacy practices help UW units include privacy in the design of their business processes, systems, and third-party relationships. When implemented, proactive privacy practices help UW units and University personnel minimize the risk of harm to individuals.

Reactive privacy practices

Reactive privacy practices help units navigate incidents, data breaches, and requests from individuals with support and direction from the Privacy Office to ensure that compliance requirements are met.


[1] The privacy practices are informed by Privacy by Design research, benchmarking performed by the UW Privacy Office, industry best practices, the interoperability of more than 25 laws and regulations that relate to personal data, and guidance from the UW Privacy Steering Committee.