UW Privacy Office

Manage Impacts and Risk

Last updated on July 31, 2023



Managing impacts and risk of harms to individuals is part of the UW Values and Privacy Principles, especially those of respect and integrity. Understanding the impact and risks helps all UW units make informed decisions about their data processing activities. To assist UW units with their responsibility for managing potential impacts and reducing harm to individuals, the UW is using the TrustArc Privacy Management Platform. After a unit creates data inventory records in TrustArc, they will have access to a risk profile and standardized privacy assessment as described as follows.

Risk profile

TrustArc’s Risk Profile helps units review, assess, manage and report on the risks involved with systems and business processes for which they are accountable. Using TrustArc’s underlying intelligence engine that identifies potential risks, the risk profile helps determine whether a privacy assessment is needed.

Privacy assessments

A privacy assessment is a questionnaire that helps units analyze and manage impacts and risks of harm to individuals. Drawing from industry best practices and informed by the interoperability of international and domestic laws and regulations, a privacy assessment empowers units to make informed decisions about their business processes and/or systems in the interest of the people UW serves.