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Reference Materials

Last updated on November 13, 2023



These reference materials provide background information about privacy terminology, best practices, and internal policies and guidance, as well as external laws and regulations.

Updates & news

Visit the Updates & News section for announcements from the Privacy Office and privacy-related topics covered by the media.

Data breach requirements

The data breach requirements page provides a high-level overview of the support the UW Privacy Office provides the UW with regard to data breaches as well as the circumstances under which the Washington State Data Notification Law may apply.

Glossary of Privacy Terms

Whether privacy topics are new or familiar to you, the Glossary of Privacy Terms is a useful collection of specialized terminology that you will find throughout the privacy website and in published materials.

High-risk data processing

Learn about the high-risk data processing categories and descriptions that UW uses to establish a common understanding of what is high-risk.

Laws & regulations

Refer to UW’s centralized resource of laws and regulations that relate to privacy and/or certain types of personal data. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list.

Personal data, data classifications, and structures

Learn more about personal data at UW, including data classifications and data taxonomies.

Policies & guidance

Review the list of internal privacy-related policies, standards, and guidance to learn about the UW’s requirements and expectations for managing personal data.

Privacy & why it matters

Gain insights about privacy and why it matters, including types of privacy-related harms and resources to learn more.

Privacy FAQs

The Frequently Asked Questions page is a collection of common general privacy, website terms of use, and online privacy questions.

White papers

Visit this White Papers resource to learn more about the research the UW Privacy Office conducts to support UW privacy-related strategy, initiatives, guidance, and recommendations.