UW Privacy Office

Privacy Assessments

Privacy Threshold Assessments (PTAs) and Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs) provide a foundation for discussions about ways to balance risks, comply with data protection obligations, and meet the UW’s privacy principles. We have reviewed many different PTA/PIA models and are developing versions that will best fit UW’s environment.

In the information age a significant amount of privacy risk is inherent in the rapidly-changing applications and systems we use in our daily lives. For this reason the Privacy Office is focusing first on System-level Privacy Threshold Assessments (SPTAs) and System-level Privacy Impact Assessments (SPIAs). This approach will allow us to partner closely with, and leverage information from, organizations that have already provided system-level information through other initiatives at the UW.

This ongoing effort will require persistence, determination, and collaboration in order to effectively and continually balance privacy risk across the UW.