UW Privacy Office

TrustArc Privacy Management Platform


Launched in fall 2021, the TrustArc Privacy Management Platform is a central system with data processing information fundamental to addressing the University of Washington’s legal and ethical privacy responsibilities. In the near term, UW and its units will use the software as a service solution, provided by TrustArc, to:

  • Create cohesive University-wide records of business processes, systems, and third-party relationships that involve personal data; and
  • Complete privacy impact, data protection impact, or other types of assessments for certain types of data processing activities.

The long-term goal is to gather information to help the UW address its ongoing legal and ethical privacy responsibilities. Additionally, this will help inform strategic decisions and operational practices related to privacy and personal data processing at UW.


UW employees may proceed to the TrustArc Privacy Management Platform Access webpage [UW NetID required] to gain access to additional instructions or related registration forms.


The scope of the TrustArc Privacy Management Platform extends to all UW locations and to all personal data other than data that are solely and uniquely protected health information.


Members of the Privacy Steering Committee advise the UW Privacy Office and university leadership on the overall strategic approach to protecting individuals’ privacy and ensuring the collection and use of personal data reflects UW’s humanitarian, ethical and legal obligations. Members of the Personal Data Processing Task Force have been working collaboratively since late 2020 to determine how best to operationalize the TrustArc Privacy Management Platform, and to guide the development of roles, responsibilities, workflows, and assessments.