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Last updated on March 31, 2023



Privacy at UW is about people, respect, and trust. Together with UW personnel across the University, the Privacy Office works to support the well-being of the individuals we serve by protecting their privacy and personal information. When we take action for privacy at UW together, we demonstrate our commitment to UW values and Privacy Principles. The following information is about the Privacy Office and UW personnel that work together to put people first. Visit the Governance webpage to learn more about additional colleagues that collaborate with the Privacy Office.

Privacy Office

The UW’s Privacy Office provides comprehensive services to the University offering consistency and efficacy for our institution and individual units in their responsibilities to protect personal data. Specialized services include but are not limited to advising, privacy/data protection/risk assessments, incident management, and data inventory support. Learn more about the services we provide to the tri-campus community.

Team Members

Ann Nagel, Associate Vice Provost and University Privacy Officer

Last updated on March 31, 2023

Specialty areas

  • Strategy and direction.
  • Policies and guidance.
  • Program assessments.
  • Governance.
  • Data breach processes and decisions.

Ann provides strategic direction for modernizing privacy at the UW. Before her current position, Ann was the Associate Chief Information Security Officer at UW. She has held various leadership positions in information security, data governance, and privacy. Her experience building programs in all three disciplines and her knowledge about higher education, from approximately 20 years of experience at the UW, helps advance complex multi-faceted strategic initiatives. Several professional organizations, conferences, and higher education institutions seek Ann’s advice or invite her to speak on privacy or information security related topics. Before joining the UW as an IT auditor in the Internal Audit Division, Ann provided audit and assurance services at BDO, worked as a project manager at a software development company, and performed IT audits for a state agency.


  • 2022 October–2024. Co-chair, EDUCAUSE Chief Privacy Officer group.
  • 2019 October–Present. Chair, Data Governance Operational Committee.
  • 2019 February–Present. Chair, Privacy Steering Committee.


  • 2021, December. Guest lecture. INFO 312: Enterprise Risk Management, University of Washington iSchool.
  • 2021, May. Guest lecture. INFO 312: Enterprise Risk Management, University of Washington iSchool.
  • 2020, November. Guest lecture. INFO 312: Enterprise Risk Management. University of Washington iSchool.
  • 2020, October. The Future of Privacy and Security [Panel discussion]. Information Systems Audit and Control Association Student Chapter.
  • 2020, October. The Data Conundrum: Balancing Privacy and Safety During a Pandemic [Co-presented]. EDUCAUSE Annual Conference Online.
  • 2020, August. Student Data Privacy Transparency [Co-presented]. United States Department of Education’s Student Privacy Policy Office (SPPO) and the Privacy Technical Assistance Center (PTAC).
  • 2019, November. Women in Security: Looking to the Future [Panel discussion]. SecureWorld Seattle.
  • 2019, October. Privacy in the Age of Disinformation [Panel discussion]. EDUCAUSE Annual Conference.
  • 2019, May. Technology and Data Privacy: A New Paradigm in Higher Education [Co-presented]. Western Association of College and University Business Officers (WACUBO) Annual Conference.
  • 2019, January. A Series on Cybersecurity and Technology Futures [Panel discussion]. Hosted by the UW Jackson School of International Studies, Information School and Women’s Center with support from Carnegie Corporation of New York.
  • 2018, October. Strategies for Balancing the Various Dimensions of Privacy in Higher Education [Co-presented]. University of Vermont 28th Annual Legal Issues in Higher Education Conference.
  • 2018, October. Everyday Empowerment [Panel discussion]. Leading Women in Technology WILpower program.
  • 2017, November. Internet Privacy Forum. League of Women Voters.

Other miscellaneous presentations at Agora, EDUCAUSE Annual Conference, SecureWorld Seattle, and Washington State Bar Association.


Abe Bender, Senior Privacy Analyst

Last updated on March 31, 2023

Specialty areas

  • Advising services.
  • Design and delivery.
  • Privacy impact assessments.
  • Specialized privacy practices training.

Leveraging his extensive background at the intersection of technology, law, and policy, Abe’s work emphasizes helping others at the UW understand and meet their privacy obligations throughout the system lifecycle. Before joining the UW in 2021, he worked for fifteen years in the legal industry, where he provided leadership on information technology, management, and security. Abe holds a JD from Seattle University School of Law and a BA from The Evergreen State College. He is a Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/US) and a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).


  • 2021, October. Protecting Youth Privacy: An Emerging Frontier of Youth Protection Policies [Co-presented with Caroline Shelton, Office of the Youth Protection Coordinator University of Washington]. Higher Education Protection Network (HEPNet).
  • 2020, September. Dangerous Data: Metadata and Information Security in Discovery and your Daily Practice [Co-presented with Destinee Evers]. Washington State Bar Association (WSBA).
  • 2018, May. Accidental Disclosure: What Your Everyday Documents May Be Revealing [Co-presented with Destinee Evers]. Washington State Bar Association (WSBA).

Michael Spiro, Senior Privacy Analyst

Last updated on March 31, 2023

Specialty areas

  • Advising services.
  • Incident management.
  • Data subject request services.

Mike is a Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/US, CIPP/E) with a broad range of legal and privacy experience in both the public and private sectors. Prior to joining the UW Privacy Office, Mike worked as a Washington State Assistant Attorney General, business attorney, federal district court law clerk, and privacy corporate counsel for a leading software as a service company. Mike’s strong interest in data ethics, responsible privacy program management and fair, transparent, accountable and choice-based personal data processing practices Mike led him to join the Privacy Office. He is excited to help the UW further its mission and values and be a leader in the higher education privacy space.

Spiro, M. (2020). The FTC and AI Governance: A Regulatory Proposal. Seattle Journal of Technology, Environmental & Innovation Law, 10(1), 26–59. https://digitalcommons.law.seattleu.edu/sjteil/vol10/iss1/2/

Aimee Kelly, Business Analyst

Last updated on March 31, 2023

Specialty areas

  • Training and education.
  • Data inventory consultation.
  • TrustArc support.

Aimee brings an interdisciplinary perspective to privacy as a seasoned UW employee and decades of higher education experience in program development, curriculum and course design, advising, and instruction in the social sciences. Her past experiences as an academic advisor and instructor for in-person and online courses, as well as co-facilitator of the UW Advising with Technology group and a representative of the UW Adviser Education Program, influenced her desire to promote awareness about privacy and the practices we can implement to protect the people we serve. She was recognized for her role supporting the UW advising and student support community during the COVID-19 pandemic as one of the 2019-20 UW Adviser of the Year recipients and as a nominee for other institutional awards.


  • 2021 June–Present. Co-chair, University of Washington Accessibility Task Force Training Subgroup.
  • 2020 November–Present. University of Washington Accessibility Task Force.
  • 2019 Autumn–2021, Autumn. University of Washington Adviser Education Board.
  • 2019 Spring–2022, Spring. Co-organizer, University of Washington Advising with Technology (formerly Online Adviser Group).


  • 2021, December 13. Technology Usage Amongst Student Support Staff: Digital Student Record Storage, UW Google Changes, and Online Appointment Tools [Presentation]. Advising with Technology Group.
  • 2021, May 10. Beyond the Classroom – Promoting Digital Accessibility at the University [Presentation and discussion facilitator]. University of Washington IT Accessibility Liaisons.
  • 2021, February 24. TBD Snappy Title: Practical Self-Care Tips in Remote Advising [Co-presented with Denisse Guerrero-Harvey, Jenni Campbell, and Danielle Greiner Shenk]. University of Washington Online Advising Group.
  • 2021, February 3. A Challenge Framework for Improving Accessibility [Co-presented with Sarah Cohen and Reed Garber-Pearson]. University Professional and Continuing Education Association Summit for Online Leadership and Administration + Roundtable Online Conference.
  • 2020 Spring. Virtual Graduation Planning Conversation [Presenter and discussion facilitator]. University of Washington Online Advising Group & Adviser Education Program.
  • 2020, Winter. Digital Wellness Webinar [co-presented with Reed Garber-Pearson]. University of Washington Integrated Social Sciences Online BA Program.
  • 2019, Summer. Beyond FERPA: Information Security, Student Privacy, and Academic Advising [Co-presented with Joe Eckert and Scott Weatherman]. University of Washington Summer Advising Symposium.
  • 2018, April. Using Survey Data to Enhance Advising Practice [Co-presented with Joe Hannah]. UW/CC Advising Conference.
  • 2017, May. Advanced Canvas Training for Advisers [Co-presented with Dowell Eugenio and Jenni Campbell]. University of Washington Adviser Education Program.
  • 2015, June 24. The Nuts and Bolts of Advising Students in Online Programs [Co-presented with Jenni Campbell and Emily Batlan]. Adviser Education Program Workshop.

Privacy Partners

Once the recently revised draft of the Administrative Policy Statement (APS) 2.2. University Privacy Policy is approved and published, the Privacy Office will collaborate with executive heads of major UW organizations to designate Privacy Partners for their organization. The Privacy Partners will be trained by the Privacy Office and are responsible for collaborating with the UW Privacy Office to help fulfill basic, privacy responsibilities.


Stay tuned. Once the policy is formally approved and the Privacy Partners are designated, they will be listed on this webpage.

Privacy Community of Practice

The Privacy Office facilitates a group of UW personnel to share and discuss privacy-related topics and practices. A detailed description including information about joining is available on the Privacy Community of Practice page.